What kind is the output of Get asset?



Hi Guys,

I need your help in one issue. In orchestrator i got asset where are name of queues. For example assset look like :queue1;queue2;queue3.
And now im using “get asset” in studio. What kind of variable should be output ? Because I need use for each for queue1, queue2, queue3

Many thanks for help


@fudi5, If you have given the value in assets as Text then you can get the output as string and loop by splitting with delimeters (;). If this is not your need, can u elaborate ?


It is text. But i dont know why i can not use “string” type. The error is:


Hey @fudi5, I believe it works perfect with string as output datatype. Can you check once again by deleting the activity and start with fresh one by drag & drop ? If not screenshot of your implementation will be very helpful.



I can not take a screen shot but belive me i tried to delete activity “get asset” put again name of asset and again my variable in output… every time is the same error. But what is strange Generic typ not shows error.



Okay thats strange :confused: Is there any limitations of using genericvalue ?



Rather not but it is not clear as i like hehe :). For now many thanks for your help :wink:




Can You tell me how it is working. I got DT.Rows(0).Item(item.ToString)… i know that call a column with index 0 but what item is needed here… i dont get it.




DT.Rows(0) -> First Row from the datatable
DT.Rows(0).Item() -> To get the elements from that row (here first row)
DT.Rows(0).Item (item.ToString) -> item.TOString refers some columnName
[Might be running a for each item in DataColumnCollection thats where item taken as columnName]

Also value of a cell from datatable can be extracted many ways as follows,

  1. Dt.Rows(0)(0).TOString -> Using Indices of rows and columns
  2. Dt.Rows(0)(“ColumnName”).TOString -> Using ColumnNames
  3. Dt.Rows(0).Item(“ColumnName”).TOString -> Item Property to use along with different datatypes here string



Big thx for explain it. But in my case im using it to write data into datatable so this is not only extrat method data but write down too ?? So if i want write down some value to specific column and row which patter will be good ?

I dont undestand it:

coz row index in this case 0 and column name for example “a” is not the same ?

Many thanks


For updating the value in a datatable, you can use assign activity as mentioned below,

dt.Rows(0)(0) = "value"

Without knowing columnName we can use columnIndex but remember that if column position changes then there is no meaningful.



Ones again big thx for You.