What is the difference between UIPath Studio and UIPath Studio X?

The name of the topic is a question, so, which paras distinguish this two versions of uipath studio?

Hi @Andrey_Voinalovich,
This is very good question :slight_smile:
StudioX can do many things similar than Studio but it’s made to be simpler to users which don’t have programming background. Here you have more information:

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At the moment of writing Studio aims at delivering on the promise to be the best IDE for RPA developers. Studio is best for RPA developers looking to build complex automations that include capabilities of managing and invoking 3rd party code or implementing proper error handling that enable automations to be deployed at scale for both attended and unattended scenarios. With the high number of pre-built, out of the box activities, there are less and less scenarios where invoking code is needed, but easy extensibility will still be at the core of Studio.

While Studio will continue on the path of a full blown IDE for developers, StudioX is dedicated to those with no prior technical background or coding skills. Task automations, especially those meant for attended scenarios, should be easy to build, deployed and scheduled by anyone in your company for self use. StudioX is part of the “a robot for everyone” initiative, where everyone should have access to tools that allow them to automate their day to day repetitive work, without the need of a skilled developer.

That said, i’m curious to hear what you think. How would this benefit you and your company? How do you think we should strike a balance between Studio and StudioX users in your company? What should we build next that is right for you, your company, your customers and your end users?


Hi MirceaGrigore,

If i already have Studio and want to switch to Studio X to try it out , do i have to download it as another version ? or can i switch within studio to X somehow >?
please advise …

Hi @DangerousDave,
Here you have picture how to switch to StudioX :slight_smile:

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Thank You Pablito

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First you need to unistall your uipath Studio and then download the UiPath Studio X Preview and then install.

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UiPath Studio X is targeted towards the business users to automate the process with less activities and code stages. UiPath Studio is targeted towards the user with programming background. Studio X is simpler way to start learning an automation for the business users.

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