What is The Difference Between the Two For Each?

Using UiPath Studio 2018.1.1, and I have two activities with the same name “For Each” activity (tried with another PC, same). The attributes are the same, and when I tried with the usual For Each I use (like for each String) both has the same result.

But, when I see the Attribute Title, it is different. Is it really different, and how are they differ from each other?


Attributes (one is UiPath.Core, one is UiPath.Framework… ):


Same result with For Each String[]
For Each.xaml (7.3 KB)

HI @whyyouandi,

Refer this post may help you,


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Hi @arivu96,
I didn’t really understand fully, but I see there is different compatibility between them, and that it sounds safer to use the Core’s one (will remember that it’s the second one too). Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Break doesn’t work inside UiPath.Framework foreach activity. If you close and open the .Xaml file again the UiPath.Framework foreach activity automatically gets converted to UiPath.Core foreach activity