What is the difference between for each row and for each item

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What is the major difference between for each loop of Control Flow Activity (for each item) and for each loop of Datatable(for each row)? When to use them specifically?

Also mention the use of Dynamic for each loop and how it differs from the above two.

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Well For each (item) and For each Row have mainly the same functionality. They allow you to iterate through a collection of items. It can be an array, a list, a datatable etc. When using For each you need to specify the data type and because you might need to iterate through a datatable more often you have the specific Activities for Datatables.

So For Each Row is an For Each (item) designed for dattables.

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Hey there,

Could you help me in understating the difference between ‘for each’ and ‘select’ statement that runs on the datatable? Does the latter saves memory and processing time?

Pratiksha S