What is the difference between Close Window & Close Application?

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I’m Confused between 2 Actvities : Close Window & Close Application

Can someone help me understand in which scenarios we have to use.

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Hi, @Vaishnav_Tej

Close application - closes the entire application even if only a window is indicated. Here , if multiple windows are opened , it will close all the windows,

Close window - It closes only the indicated window - If multiple windows are opened , it will not close all.

Also please check here where it is clearly explained with multiple scenarios :

docs :
refer : https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/close-window

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej
“Close Window” refers to closing a single window within an application, while “Close Application” refers to closing the entire application and all its windows.

Use “Close Window” when you want to close a single window and keep the application running, for example, when you have multiple tabs open in a web browser.

Use “Close Application” when you want to exit the application and close all its windows, for example, when you want to quit a word processing program.

Check this

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