What is the best solution to populate a queue with sensitive data, How to Hide specific data in orchestrator Queues

What is the best solution to populate a queue with sensitive data? i am preparing a prcess with multiple columns. I do not want the processed data to be visible in the orchestrator.
how to populate the queue and depopulate

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Hey @Gmol_Jakub

You may need to encrypt and decrypt accordingly with a secure encryption key not available in the orchestrator.

The bot which is going to upload or fetch the queue data will have the key to encrypt or decrypt respectively.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Gmol_Jakub ,

Could you Explain as to How you want the Data to be Encrytped, If Interacting with the Datatables, we could Serialize the Datatable to Json String, Encrypt the String using any of the Algorithms Available and Send it to the Queue. We could then at the Receiving end, Decrypt the String, and Convert back to Datatable.

what do you think about adding only unique references to the queue. And then in the process of extracting the data through the foreach loop looking for the reference row?

@Gmol_Jakub , I am afraid, I didn’t get the Point that you have mentioned.

We are trying to Hide/Encrypt the Queue Data in Orchestrator ? I am not sure what is the need for Reference values.

i would like to have a queue with data that is invisible from orch. I want to be able to unpack them from queue item in the process

@Gmol_Jakub As we did mention earlier, we may not be able to exactly hide/make it invisible. But we do can mask the data using Encryption.

Maybe we can understand more by explaining what are the Current Steps that are being used in the Process ? How is the Queue being Populated? Using Add Queue item Activity or Bulk Add Queue Items Activity ?

@Gmol_Jakub : did you check the Store in encrypted formatinfo_outline option that is already available when you create the queue ? PFA


I use add Queue item activity, and I use framework uipath. i populate Queue in ninicialization and after population i get item in process state machine.

hi @Gmol_Jakub The screenshot I attached is from the orchestrator where you do the queue definition. So did u try the out of the box encrypt checkbox option?