What is the best possible way to train a RPA bot that will work with Oracle Form application?

I am trying to build a RPA bot that will manipulate the Oracle forms and its already known on oracle you use the image recognition to check if the screen change after a action. is there a an additional way that is best suited for the Oracle forms that is faster and dedicated to Oracle? Any response will be highly appreciated.

Hello @Usman ,

Did you tried the UI based automation? Also different packages are available for Oracle integration.
you can search in Manage Package with Oracle and try out the activities.Also refer below.

after installing the Java extension we were able to automate a lot scenarios by using the offered selectors instead of using image / image recognitions. Had you already installed the extension?

Thanks for your response, can you let me know if this extension is available on UIpath “Manage package” or if it’s a different kind of java extension. also if you can share the name of the extension that would be very helpful for me.


does this extension support all the oracle based applications even those which are legacy applications/end of life by oracle? or it work for specific version and above.