Migration of web based Application to Citrix based Application

Hi ,

I have a RPA process which used a web based application. Now the Application has been moved to Citrix and the RPA script is not working.

1)Can I know if any UiPath extensions that needs to be installed on the Citric machine where robot runs and the machine where the UiPath studio is opened.
2)What changes needs to be done in the already existing code.


hi @archana.gajbinkar ,

The citrix extension is located in Tools>Extensions. You may need to update your selectors


Another approach could be having UiPath installed inside your citrix environment.

If none of the above is possible for any kind of reason, I’m afraid you will need to explore Computer Vision activities.

Hope this helps.


If possible UiPath studio to installed inside the citrix environment.

If not need to try with OCR activities else go with computer vision activities to get accurate data