What is TFS, SVN & all repository's in Uipath?

What is Repository exact?

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Hi @Akshay_patil
Storage of your code!



It’s nothing but where we will save our code. It will be very useful when multiple people are working on same process and they can easily share among them and will do the changes.

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SVN is a repository issued in the uipath to enable other developers to share our view and workflow
Like if I have a process developed and if you would like to access it then we can connect with SVN common checkpoint location and access those files and one of the important advantage is that each stage of development can be obtained and maintained in the SVN location
For more info on how to configure it

And TFS with acronym Team Foundation Server is similar to that of SVN and we can use only one at a time

For more detail about this

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Akshay_patil

Thanks @Palaniyappan This is very helpful information for every Uipath user. My concept is cleared now.

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Thanks @lakshman for Clearing the doubt.

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