What is short cut for fn+ (function +) ---(I have to hold fn and then press +) this plus is not additional plus

Please help me on this

Nagesh which Function key you wanted to press ?
Please use Send Hotkey.
Please make sure that you are providing right selector for your function key to detect right element.
try to append like this : F2+"+"
Hope my inputs are useful.

Hi rkelchuri,
Thanks for your reply, I need press “fn and +” button. I have attached screenshot, you may get idea.

This is Keyboard Fn which is going to enable another set of Hardware profile for the same keyboard to operate. This is not a generic Function key supplied by Operating system. This reside in keyboard drivers.
Could you please let me know what exactly you are trying to accomplish with this operation ?
are you trying to make Zoom out and Zoom in… or something else… please show some more light.

There is a plus sign above = key (left of Backspace)

So send hot key combination

Fn shift = (Shift and = will give u + sign)

3 keys
1.> Fn key
2.> Shift key
3.> = key

@prassin6 Nagesh is not trying for Plus “+” sign… i think he is trying to operate some keyboard specific functions… :slight_smile:

Yes, you are write. i am not pressing additional + symbol. I am using keyboard specific. which i have mentioned in attached screenshot

Could you please give us inputs what happen on your keyboard when you press “Fn +” keys.
we may think for alternate to achieve your results.

Hi rkelchuri,
In my organization we have some internal applications, where when we press “Fn +” keys it works same as ‘ENTER’ button.
but We can not use ‘Enter’ button, if i use ‘Enter’ button, my application will not respond.
if i use “Fn +” keys, application submits the data.

Use keyboard -> fnlock + fn for break fn activity.
And go on only use +