How to insert combination keys? Ex: Shift+F3


how to use hotkeys for “Shift+F3”? I’ve tried selecting shift form checkbox and adding ‘f3’ in the key box. But this is not working, could someone please guide

I have tried with both small & capital letter ‘f’

Ctrl+Space has key confliction with multi input method country

k:=synthesize a key down followed by a key up event for the specified key.
d:=synthesize a key down event for the specified SPECIAL_CHARS.
u:=synthesize a key up event for the specified SPECIAL_CHARS.
Example: text = "AbC[d(ctrl)]a[u(ctrl)k(alt)]"
This sample sequence outputs “AbC”, then holds down (d) the Ctrl key,
presses “a” and then releases Ctrl (u) and hits Alt (k = press and release).


above is the solution


how about holding ctrl and shift, then pressing end while on hold?
then press ctrl+c?

sorry, newbie here?

appreciate the help. Thank you very much in advance!!!