What is Email ID in UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.Mail.GetMail? How to retrieve it if we use Windows-Legacy project?

I used email address to be the Email ID in UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.Mail.GetMail, and got the following error message:
Get Mail: Code: ErrorInvalidIdMalformed
Message: Id is malformed.

I believe I have used the wrong Email ID. But how to retrieve it? I found the UiPath document of GetMailByID activity Explained how to get the Email ID Activities - Get Email By Id (uipath.com), but it mentioned that When used with the Use Outlook 365 activity, value retrieval from the UiPathEventObjectId argument is not supported on Windows-Legacy projects.


You don’t have to populate that property. I think it’s just for login. If you have your 365 environment set up properly you just use the App ID and Tenant ID in the 365 Scope. And then you set either Interactive Token (for manual login) or Integrated Authentication (to use the current Windows user).

Got it. I leave Email ID blank, and it works. Thank you so much for your response! :grinning:

You’re supposed to mark my comment as the solution, not yours :slight_smile:

Sorry, redone it. Is it correct this time? :slight_smile:

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