Get Mail error using Microsoft Office 365 Scope

I’m using Microsoft Office 365 Scope and the Get Mail activity inside to get a list of all messages in my email account.
This used to work well but suddenly it began throwing a “Get Mail: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: folderPath” on the Get Mail Activity.

The Microsoft Office365 Scope properties used are (properties not provided are null):

  • Application Id:
  • Authentication: Interactive
  • Environment: Global
  • Services: Mail
  • Tenant: “Prod”
  • OAuthApplication: UiPath

And the properties for the Get Mail activity are:

  • Mail Folder: “Inbox”
  • Results: EmailList (an Office365Message object)

The version of the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package is v1.11.1
Studio version is 2021.4.4 and we’re testing in both attended and unattended robots with the same results.

The nature of the message seems to show there’s a problem with a folderName. I thought it could be the name of the email folder, but it’s the standard “Inbox” folder, and also this was working a few days ago…

Hi @malbajar

Are you still reproducing the issue?
I’ve just tested it with both UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v1.11.1 and v1.12.1-preview and I successfully retrieved emails from the Inbox folder of my shared mailbox.

It the issue persists try the following:

  1. In scope activity, make sure that Mail & Shared services are selected.
  2. Delete the locally stored “office365.tokens…” token file from %appdata%\UiPath\authentication
  3. Run the workflow again.

Any update on this, i am getting same error

If you’re still having trouble, please post properties of your GetMail activity. I’m wondering if the Account property is valued. It is required even though the Scope activity provides credentials.