What is a characteristics of state machine?


I’m taking UiARD practice exam and I can’t make this question right.
Can anyone help me what is the correct answer.


c is the correct option I Believe

as A - No transition will be there from final state
B - Again no Transition
D - There is only entry in final state no exit or transition


Hii @Anil_G @sovjosh0719
If am not wrong option C wont be the correct answer .Because A state can be connected to another state also right?not only the Final state.


It says for final state a state must be connected…Its not that state should be connected only to a final state. And yes state can be connected to another state as well…it still stands true


If i recall it correctly it was A, because you need at least one transition to the final state


A says atleast one transition from Final state…not to