What is a charactistic of the Final State in State Machine?


I think it may one option but not sure.
Can anyone clarify it?

not sure how to interpret option1 . but it could be the answer. if they say final state should be connected with a state then yes.

@prasath_S - Guys what you think the answer is ? also if you take the practice exam now , options are different.

@AdityaShivam I don’t think option 1 is correct, as it is not mandatory for a state to have a final state, even in re framework process state is not connected to a final state so it is not mandatory, think option 3 is correct as without a final state in state machine the bot will runs continuously unless should stop activity is implemented… dont know about the new options in practice exam though, will have others opinion as well on this…

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Thanks @prasath_S

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