What happens to bots and studio licensing when Orchestrator server goes offline?


If a job is running on an attended/unattended bot, and the license is through Orchestrator, what happens if the Orchestrator server goes offline? Does the bot stop? Does the license stay valid for a period of time? What happens to logging etc.

I have a similar question about Studio when licensed through Orchestrator. Does the studio license stay valid even when Orchestrator goes offline?

I’ve looked around on the forum and documentation but couldn’t find an answer specific to this.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:


I guess it will stop working in this case.

There is a setting in Orchestrator - Settings - Security called “Robot - Run Disconnected Hours”. By default is set to 0 and is only applicable to Studio and Attended robots. This is only when Orchestrator server goes offline, not if you disconnect the Robot. For Unattended we don’t have such scenario yet since this robot is only supported if you have Orchestrator and processes should be triggered from Orch (manually start job or schedules).


Thank you @ovi ! Now I know the setting I’ve looked into it some more. Had a look at the documentation for the setting and it says:
“Enables you to specify the number of hours a Robot, regardless of its type, can run offline, without checking for its license in Orchestrator”

Does “regardless of its type” not mean attended/unattended?

@AWoz the wording is confusing. So even unattended Robot will follow this behavior - not checking its license in Orchestrator - but if Orchestrator server is down it will be licensed but the process won’t be triggered and the job will be pending. That’s because the “tools” to run a job on Unattended (schedule, start job manually etc) reside in Orchestrator.

From a licensing perspective it’s “regardless of it’s type”
From a functional perspective it’s “Studio and Attended”

@ovi - Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: You’ve mentioned that the tools to run a job (schedule etc.) aren’t available, which is understandable due to lack of connection. However, if an unattended job is already in progress, it sounds like it’ll keep going even with Orchestrator disconnected (unless of course it requires assets or data from Orchestrator). Is this correct?

If this is the case, does that mean you could potentially have an unattended bot running that is “out of control”? From what I can tell, there would be no way to stop it apart from accessing the virtual machine/client machine manually. Would you have any suggestions on dealing with this kind of scenario?

@AWoz - Yes, if the job has already started when Orchestrator disconnected (and it doesn’t require assets/queues) it will keep running and the status of the Job will be updated in Orchestrator after it’s back up.

I wouldn’t say “out of control” since the job was scheduled to run on the Unattended bot before disconnection. I would say that it would run in the “dark” until you can see its status and logs in Orchestrator again. Yes, the only way to stop it for now is to access the machine or via API: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/reference#about-odata-and-references

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