What do they mean by 'There is no row at position 0'?



all my previous excel files can run, but when it comes to this file, it prompts me this error.
how can I go about solving this error?


Hi @Shannon_Quek

you are assing any value at index 0 and in this case there is not value when it reach the assing. so please debug and check if you are getting the correct value


hi @fernando_zuluaga,

what is assing?

Can we know what are you trying to perform?

I am trying to pick 1 email address from a list and transfer it to another excel sheet


You are trying to read some data but data is not present on the excel to read

Please check the excel has data or not


Hi @Shannon_Quek

It looks like that your list is empty.

Can you try debugging it and check if there’s some data present in the list?