There is no row in the position....ERROR

Hi, I have a seemingly simple problem, but I can’t solve it. I explain:

  • I make a query to BD and save in an excel
  • I count the number of excel records (88)
  • I consult those records on a website.
    But it gives me an error in 88 and I see that you have really read it:

I do not initialize the row number, and the Excel has headers, there are 88 lines and one header.

Keep in mind that rows are 0 based. The last row has index 87, not 88.

But if the variable “Row Number” = 1, then the first record would skip it, I’ve tried various things but then it never exits the loop, any ideas?

I have solved it as explained in this video, I have not used counter but the file.

Greetings and thank you.

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