What causes Uipath robot service to end

Hello, I have couple of robots in different servers that are supposed to run every morning. Couple of times the robot have not started, and when investigating the reason usually ends up being that robot service is not running. I know how to fix this, but what is the main cause of this? It is pretty annoying not to receive any error emails (since the robot cannot be started at all), but rather somewhat angry mail from my “client”. So I’d like to know if there is some most common reasons for service to suddenly end.

Hi @Kerundi

This is an issue that should not be happening. It seems your Robots might be crashing.

First think I would suggest would be for you to contact and log this issue via support channel. This guarantees that it will be handled and not forgotten in the depths of the Forum :slight_smile:

Then, I would already suggest you to provide support with the following information:

  • versions of Studio/Orchestrator/Robots
  • logs from the Windows Event Viewer on the target Robot machines (it might shine some light on the cause of the crash)
  • some general details about the job you are trying to execute

I am confident our support team will pick it from there :slight_smile: