What can I use to read RTF file?

Hi there, what can I use to read rtf file ? I tried converting it to a txt file through command line, but the converter I use does not do a good job and only reads the 1st page.

Thank you

Hi Gary,
If you open the file in WordPad, sending hotheys Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c to the editor and using the GetFromClipboard activity might do the trick. Can you try that out?

Hi Gary,

As Mihai Said

You can open the file in Microsoft word and change the format of a file by using save as to “.docx” extention. after that you can use word related activities on that file. hope this will help you.


If you’re just interested in the plain text representation, you also may use RichTextBox control to convert it without using any external applications (and the needed libraries and namespaces are already there by default).

After that it’s just string operations, f.e. to get paragraphs:
String() paragraphs = yourPlainTextString.Split(New String() { ControlChars.Lf, ControlChars.CrLf }, StringSplitOptions.None)