Notepad data

Hi fnds,

i want to read data from csv…

this is what my system works
hiii working fine
Quick nature
12:32:45 workcultue
fox jumps right
system works
over the little
my dad sits there

here 12:32:45(dynamic) workculture(static)

can u help me guys with sample code

HI @venkateshtangudu

You can try out the Read CSV activity to read the content of your csv file. The output of this activity will be a datatable variable which you can later use for further processing.

hi Lahiru,

Can u plz help me with sample code

Hi @venkateshtangudu ,

you have to search the activity here
And then you drag it to you sequence.

After that you have to select the file path here:


And then go to the property panel and create your data table variable where you’re going to store the data from the file. you can create the variable direct from the properties panel using the key “Ctrl + K”

Good luck bro!

Hi Alan,

my concern is to read particular data in notepad…not all lines
only 12:32:45 workculture
where time should not change…

Hmm, you should use the get text activity and select the line you want to read from the document

Select the line you wanna read from the document (Before it you may use the open application activity to open the document)


Now you have to go to the properties panel and modify the selector.

Replace the Date with “*” wildcard

and then create your output variable as string,

hope this help bro.

Also there is this link that explain another way to do it:

hope all this can help you!