What are the different tools available in the market other than UiPath

Give out all list of tools

  • Automation 360.
  • Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform.
  • TruBot.
  • AutomationEdge.
  • Appian RPA.
  • IBM Robotic Process Automation.
  • WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud.
  • Kofax RPA.

blue prism and automation anywhere

Microsoft powerautomate

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Robocorp,Nice rpa, Power Atomate

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SAP Process Automation

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Pega platform

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one more is

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Assist Edge

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zaptest …

test complete,cypresso.io,katalan studio

Nintex RPA, Work Fusion

Keysights Eggplant

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud


MuleSoft RPA.

servicenow platform

I spent the last week looking for a solution to a limitation I encountered in UiPath which I was loving up to that point.

OpenRPA solved my problem that UiPath couldn’t. https://www.openrpa.dk/

The interfaces are very similar. I was able to transfer my knowledge gained by studying UiPath over to OpenRPA with very little effort since the documentation is bounteous and there are several YT Channels from the active Community showing how to use the tool.

UiPath lost me when my attempts to use a simple System Workbook were stifled because Microfloppy apparently influenced UiPath to require M$ Project instead of allowing the simple DataTable access. When you sell your soul to “Too Big Fail” entities, you lose your soul.

Hey @Vajrang

When organizations look for implementing RPA tools, they focus on two key aspects – productivity and performance. To achieve greater productivity, they have to implement the right platform for the workforce to achieve their best performances through automated business processes. Though there are many RPA tools, an effective alternative to UiPath is Automation Anywhere. Both platforms offer digital assistants. With the drag-and-drop interface, enterprises can build bots without relying on coding practices. Businesses of any size and nature can implement these tools for attended and unattended automation.

Given the statistics from Google Trends, UiPath is relatively more interested among organizations than Automation Anywhere. Similarly, Automation Anywhere hasn’t had many oscillations in popularity and growth in the last five years. By teaming up with the right Robotic Process Automation Services provider, you can build and deploy bots using both platforms.

You can check this -
Automation Anywhere
Blue Prism
OpenSpan (now Pega Robotic Automation)
NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA)