Website keep refreshing at the last page of data scraping

At the start, the data scrape works as it is going through every page, however, on the last page, it would keep loading it but it won’t end it and write in CSV form. I tried to wait for 5 minutes before ending the process.

Here is my current workflow for it:
FBSurplusG…xaml (16.6 KB)

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Hello @ccccc1,

MIght be a problem with the Next selector. You might need to use another option, if the next selector is not reliable.
Can you provide the url from where you scrape the data?
The same behavior is using Debug and Run?


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hi, could you show me an example on how to fix it? thanks

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this is not the Next button, it is a page counter.

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oh I see, so how can i change it?

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Hey @ccccc1 ,

try to update the target Next button selector value