Website button to trigger a robot

Hello all,
I want to trigger a robot using a drop-down list on a custom created website. Is this possible.? If yes, then how?

Do u want to trigger a robot when u manually select item from dropdown in the website?

yes, thats right…
studio and orchestrator will be installed in-house…
If some one wants to trigger the bot for a process they will be logging to the website and select the process which they want to trigger from a drop-down list manually.

I guess RPA has nothing to do with it. You can write an api call on dropdown item change in the website.This api call should trigger orchestrator api to run your concerned robot

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can you please elaborate the process?
It will be of much help.

if u r using a client side scripting like javascript, then u can write an api acll on drop down change activity.
then u can pass the robot name and process name to orchestrator api which will trigger the robot to run

for orchestrator api use this

Hello Aditya,
In this video you can see how a button from website starts UiPath Assistant:

And here you can see some code in NODE.JS that start a UiPath Process:

Cristian Negulescu

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