Website automation - Clicking on multiple checkboxes at once and downloading the report

Hi Everyone,

I have a use case where - I need to go to a website > click on multiple checkboxes (100 or more checkboxes there) and then click on > download report.

Issue is- there are more than 100 checkboxes, but the report only generates when only 30 or so checkboxes clicked and the report is generated and downloaded post that.

So i need a method where - it clicks on 30 checkboxes and generates and download report > then clicks on next 30 and generates and downloads the report > this continues till end and finally append all the files downloaded into 1.

All the excel files downloaded will have same columns, it is just due to the volume the website wont be able to generate the report for too many items at once, hence we need to bifurcate it.

Any suggestions on how to approach this ll be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

Hi @Swati4

I think we could get the total number of check boxes and divide it into groups like 30 or so based on the total number of check boxes and using loops we could do this. I am not sure how far this idea is going to work.

Hi @Swati4

Use a for each ui element and loop through the chekc boxes and maintain a counter inside it whenever the counter reaches 30 download and save the file for how many ever times the counter comes to 30 if the bot exits before completing 30 outside the loop add one more if condition to check the final count and download accordingly