,How to scrap the data?

Hi All,

I need to scrap the data from a web page which are under
“Individual integrated deductible” -$64.61 out of $4,000.00 from here I need scrap-$64.61 as met amount and $4,000.00 as total amount
for this I need check whether “Individual integrated deductible” is present or not if it is present I need to scrap the above said amount if I need to scrap the data from “Family integrated deductible”( which is present in right side of the screenshot". i.e "$4,055.94 out of $8,000.00"from here I need scrap-$4,055.94 as met amount and $8,000.00 as total amount if both “Individual integrated deductible” and “Family integrated deductible” are present then I need to consider both the vale met and total amount as $0

some one please do needful to achieve this.


Screen shots for the refernce


  • Take Get Text activity enclosed in a try catch block and scrape the Individual integrated deductible. If there is Selector Not Found Exception then don’t do anything, else get the net amount and total amount using Get Text

  • Do the same process for Family integrated deductible

  • Use below regex to get the net amount

  • Use below one to get the total amount

Hi @HeartCatcher,

Do you get results when you want to get headers and values using datascraping?

Extracting these values into a table will provide a great advantage for you to create the conditions.


How to achieve that>|??


You can first add the headlines to one column and then the amounts to a different column. I am sharing the link so you can try it. You can also get support from youtube if necessary.

About Data Scraping (uipath.com)

For example, here I pulled all contact and input sentences as a table using datascraping.