WEB scraping community version

For the moment I am researching in WEB scraping with the community version, and are not very fund of the standard functionality using “Data Scraping”. This function can not recognize several fields in an ordinary WEB screen and the result is not reliable.

There are various ways to ensure data scraping returns a full dataset.

Can you provide more info on the issue you see?

Thank you Ronan. I will gather some more material and come back to you.

Hi Ronan
When I was finding some documentation I could send to you, I did a little more research with the Data Scraping facility.
My conclusion is, that It is pretty important when you are using “Extract Correlated Data”, that the fields for some reasons come next to each other on the screen.
When I used it in that way, it worked.

Anyway, thank for your time.
Best regards from Perkrys