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I need to understand a scenario of web page loading.
Suppose we are automatic a web page but we don’t have any defined time like when it will fully load in browser sometime it take seconds and some time 10-20 mins it’s not stable.

So how can we handle such scenario to proceed further?


Use element exist activity and indicate the unique ui element in the website successfull loading page and provide maximum wait time for loading the webpage.

Please note that element exist activity timeout is conditional delay so no need to worry on max time out we mentioned. Thanks

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Thanks @kirankumar.mahanthi1
But if element does not appear for last 20 mins then further steps have to wait for 20 mins right?


You can try also this

  • Create a new flowchart and inside that the flow should be
    • Use element exists and set timeout as 2000
    • Keep Flow decision and pass the variable
      • if true continue your steps
      • if false join the line to the element exists
        By keeping like this it will wait until the page completely loaded

Or You can follow these steps in this thread



Ok if max time it is taking for 20 mins we can keep element exist for 20 mins time out and we can keep this check in retry scope and you could retry this process multiple times until condition satisfy. Thanks.

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Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 @Gokul001 for your explanation… :slight_smile:


Your most welcome @RENU_KHALKHO

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