Copie data from web


I am trying to copie the data from this field:
The data that i want to copie is “Test houcine”. Right now i am using Get Visible Text and saving the output to a string. But when I want to paste the data it seems like it does not copie “Test houcine” but instead some weird character like ** *** *** and some enters.

I did try to copie the text below and this worked.

What kind of application is it? A website?

Maybe you can try the activity “Get Text” as well. It usually can extract the text accurately for me.

So You have to extract Test houcine but you not get right ok use this screen scraping or get text or use cv scope inside that use get text cv or use some OCR to extract that data simple. Note My Suggestion is use screen scraping Microsoft ocr you will get good result if u not get the data use CV Scope defiantly you will get

Chethan P

Hi Thewmak,

I used the “Get Text” and now it is working. Thank you very much!

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