Web data extraction and paste into excel

hii team, please help me in this task
open www.google.com and in the search box search like company names ie. google ceo like wise dell,ibm,lenovo, and extract that name and add it to an excel sheet like column A should be company name and Column B should be ceo name. please attach workflow

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Samm

But how to take these company name and CEO into Excel like column A should be company name and column B should be CEO name .can you send me the whole process flow.

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Hi, there are a lot of ways to take it into excel.

Write range, write cell, datatable ~ datarow handle and amongst others. You’ll just have to get the value before (get text, etc…).


usecase3.xaml (35.2 KB) just go throw my work flow and sugget me how to use write range bcz i am using write value…

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zxc.xlsx (8.0 KB) excelsheet

that actually looks good, this is another way of entering data
May i know what was the issue you were facing…
Cheers @Samm

and you are using write cell only
thats correct

Cheers @Samm

I want to use write cell activity.because in write value I am giving different column name for different company name and CEO .

@Palaniyappan is there another way to do this task if you know can you please make a work flow and attached to this reply. I am want to know the different approach to do the same task.

can you send me the workflow how to take those value in excel sheet using write range activity

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