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Hello all,

I want to search a CEO name of the each company in google, and write into to excel.

For example: When I search like CEO of Apple. its should scrape the data and write in to excel. after next search and write into in this case I am getting only first time searched CEO name for my entire data, can you help me with dynamic selector about this. or we can do with inspecting element.

buddy @Abudhahir
kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve your issue

  1. save all the name of the CEO in a string array and name it in_name_array
  2. use a for each loop and pass the above variable to the loop and change the type argument as string in the loop properties
  3. inside the loop use a open browser activity and pass the url as “” in the url and use a type into activity inside the open browser container and pass the input as item from for each loop as it has the value of the array in_name_array
  4. after that use the same method of how you extracted the first CEO name
    and change the dynamic part of selector of the activity that scrapes the name of the CEO with wildcard * buddy like in aaname attribute and title attribute of the selector
    kindly try this and let know buddy
    Cheers @Abudhahir
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not working

what was the error buddy @Abudhahir


when I search with different name of CEO in Google.
while I am validating in UI launcher.

I found below URL’s:

everthing is different URL

inthis case even if I give wild card its not robust.

if possible can i have a view on your xaml buddy @Abudhahir
send the xaml and project.json file altogether as a zipped folder buddy


CEO Search.xaml (16.3 KB)

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here you go buddy try with this and let know buddy (12.4 KB)

did that work buddy @Abudhahir

not working I am getting the below result in excel.CEO Search.xlsx (19.9 KB)