Web automation Extention error


The native part of the extension is not configured correctly.
Re-install the extension from UiPath Studio.

i get this bug and i can’t fix it can somebody help me??

i also try to reinstall the extention but it won’t work

Hi @Hendriyanto

Please try to reinstall the browser extensions and try to indicate the elements after enabling the extentions on the browser.


thank for this solution but i have try many time to reinstall it still the same

Please follow the steps and let me know if it still does not work.

*Please uninstall the extentions previously installed.
*Close your browser.
*Install the extentions from UiPath studio
*Go to the browser and enable the extentions.

If these steps are already followed, please try to restart your system and try installing the extentions.

If your using chrome browser, please find the link below to troubleshoot

“Chrome Extension Troubleshooting” Chrome Extension Troubleshooting

Hope this helps. Thank you

Thank you @suraj.setty
finally i reset my computer and install again all the app and they now work just fine

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