We need a way to export the .nupkg file for project dependencies

Due to unique requirements in our environment, it would be extremely helpful if there were some way from Studio to have it save all top level project dependency packages to a folder so we have all the .nupkg files.


Yes, a good thought to maintain dependencies too. However I wonder how many cases it will be useful to have, any major benefit you see in your use case/idea?

Also, we may have the dependencies in the single nupkg file along with the other xaml files, making a one single rocket to fly all alone

That would be a good idea to remove dependencies of having the package in the source feed

Thanks for putting out this here, it will be interesting!

It would be great if UiPath was more of an “everything goes with the project when you publish” - however, if you look at the number of packages and sub packages, it would make the project a very large file in many cases.

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Such a good thought. I have seen this future in blueprism RPA tool. bp release(deployment) file having all the dependencies. Uipath is our best RPA tool so they soon introduce the future to nupkg file having all the dependencies. Thanks for the post. Uipath should consider this request.


I’m not asking for UiPath to have all the dependencies in the file when you publish.

I am asking for a way, from within Studio, to click a button or something and have it copy the top level dependencies’ nupkg files to a folder.

Ok got it.