Ways to select fields in search drop down of Google page

Hi All,

Trying to automate different drop-downs present in search option of Google page through excel.

On search, second option of GE i.e. ‘General Electric Company’ need to select and then again on search, third option of SIA i.e. ‘Siam Commercial Bank PCL’ need to select.

Kindly advise how to automate this part.

Many Thanks,
Irshad Mapari


If we know the exact value to selected and searched then we can directly type and search isn’t it

Is there any reason why we need to choose from the suggestion drop downs and it will keep varying from time to time

Cheers @Irshad_Mapari

Hi Palani,

Thanks for your response.

Are you trying to say to maintain exact value of name in excel and then automate them?

Also, If i type “Tata Motors Limited ADR” then same value displays in dropdowns with different code like NYSE: TTM, FRA: TATB, VIE:TATB.

At this point how to tackle the situation, is there any activity or handling is possible.

Many Thanks,
Irshad Mapari