Want to write cell in an excel sheet in a particular format

Dear All,

I want to write a cell in an excel sheet in a particular format, the scenario is

Each time when the For Each loop is executed, it will return only one string value, and the same value will be keep on changing wrt the iteration. Eg

1st iteration it return - Name
2nd iteration it return - MobileNum
3rd iteration it return - email
And again 4th, 5th and 6th it returns Name,MobileNo and Email respectively and it continues.

But there are no three different variables here, instead there is only one (string) variable which will keep on holding the vales such as (Name, MobileNum and email) wrt the iterations

Now,i want to insert the values into an excel sheet in a particular format (refer screen shots attached)

Help needed


You can split the string and assign it to string array and then assign name ,mobile and email to respective variables and can write to specific cells.

Thanks for the info Navneet, but i am not able to get it exactly.

Could you please elaborate?

I can create an String array, but I am facing difficulty in managing the cell number and name for insertion (i am using write cell activity)
I want something,

A1 first iteration value - Name
B1 second iteration value - Mobile No
C1 third iteration - Email

A2 fourth iteration value - Name
B2 fifth iteration value - Mobile No
C2 sixth iteration value - Email

And so on…


@Ram0803 please have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eCUavGQ_Qk&t=190s


Check below attached

Example.zip (8.8 KB)

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@ksrinu070184 and @Navneetj3

I have attached my project files for reference

Actually, below is my flowchart for ref

Read Txtfile —> UseRegEx --> in each iteration the o/p will be string variable —> I want to use the varying output and arrange (write) it in a excel…

Any how, attached is my project file

Help will be much appreciated

RamUndestand RegEx.zip (23.1 KB)

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