How to Iterate Cell in Excel?

Hi Everyone,

I have excel with data i entered all details in web after enter i get text for each detail in string format i want to enter that into excel sheet .Please Help me
Thanks in Advance

Hi @krishnareddy

Use build datatable activity
Assign str array={strtext}

Add data row activity use array row pass the array(0) like this and use write range activity


@krishnareddy you can use add data row activity


Hi @AshwinS2,

Thanks for the response
But i am not getting your point Please see below images. I want to enter the name in excel and that was in String format.

@krishnareddy so for each row you have to write that name from a browser which you are getting a output and you’re storing that name in a variable, if this is what you want in for each row give write cell activity and in the cell place use a counter variable such that it’s gonna write that cell for every iteration. Let me know if any thing goes wrong.

@venkatmalla6 @aman_sheik @AshwinS2
Thanks For Your Quick Respose…