Want to send mail so in body of the mail I want excel cell A23 to B30

Want to send email to client so my requirement is

  1. Copy all the cell from A23 to B30 and paste into an email body
    Here I have excel file which path is stored in strSpreadsheetFilePath and in that file cell which I have to copy from “Auth Email” tab

  2. copy the cell from A9 to D9 and paste in email subject line
    Here file and tab is same as mentioned above

Please guide in detail me how to copy paste cell in email

Note- want to use send outlook mail activity

Use the excel activity Select Range to select your range (e.g. A23;B30).
Then send hotkey ctrl + c to copy.

Open Outlook (open application activity), create a new mail (click activity) and paste the table in the mail with ctrl + v.

This should do.

User Read Range activity to get the required Range Data from Excel

Then, you can convert it into a string, using output data table and use it as a string input for the subject of your email, for email you may use any of the activities as per your convenience, Outlook, SMTP, Exchange

How I convert data table output into string

you can use “Output Datatable” activity for that. As you are putting the text in subject that would be one text, this will work. You may format the text also, like remove the separator “,” and adding “|” as that looks more better in subject lines

Official doc:
Output Data Table (uipath.com)

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