Want to paste data into this word template


I have data stored in a variables, i need to paste it in respective fields of the above table. Can anyone guide me with this.

For example,
Cover variable = " Praveena"

This variable has to be pasted in Cover field in the above template

Anyone help me with this



Please use replace text in document activity and replace Property All Risk with the variable value you need


thanks for the input. but i am not refering to just the above particular file. sorry for not mentioning this.
Basically there is another file where there will be no data on the right side only left side fields will be available. we need to search for respective tags and paste the data on the right side

I have data in a variable where i need to search for ‘type/class of insurance’ field and paste on the empty field.

please help me with this.



That would be little tedeous…rather create a template with place holders for example type/class of insurance can have a placeholder like <Type/ClassOfInsurence> and use a replace text activity to relace the place holder with the value

If you dont want to put any value for a placeholder while saving you can replace that with empty string as well


@Anil_G I tried replace text option, but this will only work for one time but if you want to run again, then this may not work as the replaced text would n’t be available for second run. . How to get through this? please help


Ideally we would be saving the template and use a copy only to modify and make the changes…and the template would be as is with all the place holders in it


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