Want to get the file name from download panel

I want to get the file name. Screenshot is attached.
Issue is i am using get text but its selecting the whole panel and i am not getting the file name. Please help me in this.


if you want to get the file name of the file which is downloaded ,use this

str_filepath=system.io.Directory.GetFiles(“pass the Downloadsfolderpath here”).OrderByDescending(Function(f) new FileInfo(f).CreationTime).First

use another assign activity for file name


Hi @Puneet_Singh1

Syntax : Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Users\Cogni\Downloads”).OrderByDescending(Function(r) new FileInfo(r).CreationTime).First


Not Working


please type the syntax manually once and check it

don’t copy and paste

Same error with your code

ensure you give the correct folder path

Directory.GetFiles(“Folder Path”).OrderByDescending(Function(r) new FileInfo(r).CreationTime).First


its better to pass the folderpath to an variable

StrFolderpath=“provide Your path”

str_filepath=system.io.Directory.GetFiles(StrFolderpath).OrderByDescending(Function(f) new FileInfo(f).CreationTime).First

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