How to get file Names from downloaded files

Hi all,

Currently I’m trying to get the file name of a downloaded file from the SAP Webclient. Every time i download the file it changes name’s. I need the file name so i can copy file and move it to a desired directory.

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Please use below xaml file,

GetFileName.xaml (8.7 KB)


Can i just take the xaml file and put copy file and choose the destination?


It’s just fetching file path and file name. you modify as per your requirement.


@athevan96 try this

Create a folder where you gonna store you downloaded file. And Download the file at this place you created.


by this you get the first file from the folder after that move it to your desire folder and this will be ready for new file.


Do you maybe have a example im having a hard time understanding how im suppose to build this in Uipath Studio.

This is what i have now but i keeps giving me the error it cant find the file

Main.xaml (7.1 KB)
In my case, The folder contains multiple files.
How can I give the file name?
I am using for each activity.
Please check my flow.