Want to fetch the value from Excel but the cell is having formula

I want to get the date value from the excel cell.

The excel cell contains =Today()

I need the value as “08/28/2019”

Is it possible ??

Means excel cell value contains today() right so read the cell and compare with if activity if value eqal to today()=“today()” then use this syntax to get date Datetime.now.toshartdate()

We can use READ CELL activity
Didn’t that work
Cheers @RachelN

Use Read Cell Activity It will give you Only date even You Are Using Today(). but the format Of Your Cells Must be DateTime.

Every cell the formula ill vary @kalyanDev

Am using read cell only, but the output of today()-30 is coming as 43675

I gave the output variable of read cell as system.dateTime only, but when i use write line to display the value i gave as outputvaiable.ToLocaltime.Tostring

It is giving a error as “message”: “Read Cell: DateTimeConverter cannot convert from System.Double.”,


If You are getting the OutPut Like 43475 Then This Is In OA ForMat You can Convert It into Date Time Using System.Datetime.FromOADate.

This might help you.

Excel_FormulaExtract_145715.zip (15.9 KB)

I cant download zip. can you please send it as xaml file.


Please find below

Main.xaml (6.5 KB) Sample.xlsx (8.6 KB)

am not having excel installed in my system.

Am using workbook only.

When i try this code.I am getting the output as “MM/dd/yyyy” instead of today’s date

Anyone please check my xaml file and let me know the mistaketest.xaml (5.3 KB)

Hello @RachelN
Just Simply use Replace Method and assign this code to the string datatype variable StringVariable.Replace(“Today()”,Now.Date.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”))
It’ll replace the Value Today() with the current days Date

Check this workflow for better understanding
Today().xaml (4.8 KB) Today().xlsx (9.5 KB)

Thanks for your reply.
But in the excel sheet the input is fefeToday().

I want the Today()as formula. So in excel sheet the formula should be =today() and the value should be “08/28/2019”
Please check for this @vickydas

am getting this error


getting output as 43675 @vickydas

Hello @RachelN
Type this code in an assign Activity
and assign it to datetime Datatype Variabe

Check this workflow for better understanding
DT.xaml (4.9 KB)


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