How to get the date value for excel files

Hi guys! If I want to get the date value from B1 but when I use Read cell activity and I run the project files it will give me error message like ##### on UiPath as #### cannot convert to datetime… How do I resolve this?



Open the excel and double click on any cell and then save the excel.
Now run the Uipath code.

Buddy @phoenix123
here is your xaml buddy (28.1 KB)

hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not
Cheers @phoenix123

Hey buddy @Palaniyappan thanks for your solution unfortunately for my company there is a department that always send a excel file and the sheet 1 most of it have the date on it and it will have no error but when sheet 1 have ####### and when I run, I got some error on it when using Read Cell activity and is there anyway to select the cell or send hotkeys, etc before reading the cell, buddy?

This is the error I get for Read Cell activity:


Hi @phoenix123, did you get a solution for this?


Dear buddy try like this.
If its not works on Excel file select column to text to date.