Why UiPath Attended Bot (latest Community Edition) does not resume after action completed in Orchestrator?

I created a small demo project with 4 activities on focused on persistence and Action Center (see YouTube example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJcpLTXHUWEmehndi. I have implemented UiPath Persistence Activities library required for this project. The project runs properly when executed from UiPath Studio. I published the package to the Orchestrator. When running from UiPath Assistant the project initiates correctly. I can see the job start and suspend in Orchestrator. After the action is completed in Action Center, the process appears to hang. The Jobs tab in Orchestrator displays Resumed but does not display any Hostname or HostIdentity. When I get into the log it still says suspended (ie. not resumed). The only way to stop the hung process is to Stop or Kill it.

I’m on Community Edition and using Studio 21.10.5.UiPath Assistant is properly connected to Orchestrator (green). I’m guessing the issue is a bug in UiPath Assistant where the Persistence package implemented for this solution is not working. Does anyone have an idea what is going on and how to resolve the issue?

I’m hoping I will have better luck on this forum that on the UiPath Forum.

Well did any network disconnection happened by meantime
If it shows as resumed it should be reflecting in assistant as well

Try one more time and see whether it is repeating

Cheers @round_extra

Hi @round_extra ,

I do think the Situation is due to the Attended Bot License.

If we are to make use of an Unattended License, the Process resumes properly.

There may be a limitation to use Persistence with Attended Bot.