Wait for download exception

Hi, I’m using the activity “Wait for Download”. If no file is downloaded (ie there are no new transactions so no file is downloaded) the “Wait for Download” sends an error that “No file detected in …” and then stops the execution of the sequence. For my application, if no file is downloaded, I want the sequence to continue execution.

In the “Wait for Download” activity, there is no parameter to Continue on Error and when I use the “Try” activity and the catch as “FileNotFoundException”, the sequence does not continue and throws the same exception.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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Can you share the exception screenshot?


Here you go.



Instead of log can you share the Error dialog box screenshot?


Hi @Darcy_Gratton

Try to assign system.exception instead of filenot found exception in catch and try again…

Or else use while loop and use path exists to check if the file is present or not