Wait for Download Exception Handling

Hi All
I have a query regarding Exception Handling around Wait for Download Activity.
I have a scenario where I am using Wait for Download Activity and I am having a Click Activity Inside it which click on the file to be downloaded.
It works well but there are certain cases where it does not get clicked and wait for Download activity throws a timeout Exception.

I tried Try Catch as well but it is still throwing the error.
Please help me how can I handle the exception arising out of Wait for Download Activity. I want to continue with the next steps if the file is not downloaded.
Error I am getting is :

Please help.

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Hey @Heena_Saini

Did you enclose the wait for download inside try catch or the click alone inside try catch?


Helo @Heena_Saini

You can do as below. Put Wait for download activity inside the Try section of Try catch activity. Then select “InvalidOperationException” in the catch section.


Yes Solved, we need to put try catch around the activity which is inside Wait for Download Activity.

Yes, you are right we need to put try catch around the activity which is inside the Wait for Download so the Bot can take necessary steps as per your logic

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Cool thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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