Wait for cursor to come in putty terminal and then only next command should run

Hi All,

i am automating to run ssh script on putty terminal. Script is taking almost 10-20 sec to run. after running the script next command is to move out put file to some other folder and this activity is for multiple input files in loop. so i want bot to wait for cursor to come and then only move command should run after script execution.

i would appreciate prompt response.

Many Thanks…

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Did we try to execute both the script together as a single script so that we don’t need to wait till the first one completes
If possible kindly try with that option
Or we can use IMAGE EXISTS activity and choose that next script executor arrow as a image and get the output with a variable of type Boolean named bool_image

Use a IF condition and mention like this
bool_image = True
If this is true it will go to THEN part where we can have our next script to be executed

Cheers @narenspirit

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