Wait until a command is complete in putty

Hello guys, I have a flow where runs several commands in ssh via putty one by one and I need to make this flow to wait after each command is completed. How can I do this? Thanks!

May i know what that command actually does

Well, there is a command that is modifying an oracle database.

Fine,May be we can execute the cmd one by one
the sequence would be like ths
–we can use SELECT statement and get the records of that table with a variable of type datatable named dt_in
–now use activity with that putty command execution
–followed by this agai use EXECUTE QUERY activity and get the datatable named dt_out
now use a IF condition next to this
dt_out.Rows.Count > dt_in.Rows.count
if true it will go to THEN part where we can proceed with next set of activities that would execute the putty command

Cheers @Ionut_Frincu

Hello guys… I need to run several commands in putty and I need to wait running next command until the previous one is finished… how can I do this? Help Please…

Any suggestions here? I need to wait for every command to be executed and I tried different approaches but did not work :frowning: