Vlookup - hotkey -> #N/A

Hello all,

I am performing a Vlookup (which worked fine) in cell B1.
Cell A1 is a unique identifier which I look up in a different tab.
I used the hotkeys (ctrl + shift + down) and afterwards ctrl + d to drag the formula down.
However, it’s doing this for all rows in the excel, which results in lots of “#N/A” as there is no value to look up in every cell (see below)


I have two questions:

  • How can I limit the formulas for only the cells for which it should look up a value?
  • How can I add the identifiers which are not found, in a seperate excel which should then be emailed logging the “N/A” cells only. (no need to explain the mailing part, only the logging on a seperate excel).

Thanks a lot.
Kind regards.

Hi, have you got the answer, I have the same problem.