How to apply a vlookup on specific cells based on a specific conditon?

for an example-
like in one column i am applying v lookup and values are generated based on that formula
now i am getting some values as #N/A in some of the cells where i have to apply one more v lookup on those specific columns to get the value.
can you help me how to do this one ?

Hi Sachin,

Can’t you just write another formula with an =IFERROR()?

actually in this one v lookup is already applied on that column
and then we are checking that if there is some NA value then we have to apply another v lookup on those NA cells only ?

Then use IFERROR(,)

can you tell me how to use that one in my case or where to use that ?

Well you use write range (or with a VBA macro) and you apply the formula =IFERROR(firstVlookup,secondVlookup)

ok i will try and will let you know

Thanks buddy it works for me