Visual Basic error

This process used to run with no issues so I don’t know why this is suddenly happening. The assign is supposed to do a compare of a data table and the value in the current row in a specific column.

This is the error Assign: Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.

This is the code:
dtDefendants.Select(“Defendant = ‘” + CurrentRow(“Defendant”).ToString.Replace(“’”, “‘’”) + “'”)

I am not strong in vb so this is out of my abilities. This code was written for me and worked for a while. i just made some updates to the process in regards to the excel that it gets the data from but haven’t touched the rest of it. If someone can explain what this error means maybe i can back track to find the spot where it broke.

Ensure that double / single quotes are the types:

dtDefendants.Select("Defendant = '" + CurrentRow("Defendant").ToString.Replace("'", "''") + "'")

They are - i double checked in notepad.

please share a screenshot from the expression editor. thanks


Screenshot shows exactly what we mentioned:

‘” has to be corrected to: ", same for the single quotes ’ → '

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